Groove Noise Franchise Requirements

Do you have what it takes?

Please understand we are looking for serious business people who are hardworking and want to develop a hugely profitable businesses in their area. You need to be an ethical and honest communicator who is prepared to follow our Blueprint which we know will guarantee very quick and ongoing profitability. Buying into a business of any nature should be a huge consideration. Whilst it’s important to sell the numerous benefits of our franchise, and provide interested parties with as much information as possible to help them to decide if this is a route they want to take, there are also significant requirements set out by us the Franchisor. These requirements aim to ensure that anyone joining our network is fully aware of the expectations of running a Groove Noise franchise, as well as some practical elements which make up pre requisites to operate.

Social Media Skills

Whilst you don’t need to be a Social Media guru to operate a Groove Noise franchise, you do at least need to have some familiarity with Social Media. Much of our initial marketing is done via online activity, both paid and organic. .


When we started on the franchising journey we were warned that many people view buying a franchise as effectively buying a job. This is definitely not the case with a Groove Noise franchise. Whilst we provide a proven business model, and highly supported framework there is a huge requirement for our members to put in the legwork required to make your venture a success, in exactly the same way that we did when starting out.


An essential part of a Groove Noise franchise is your visibility as the franchisee. It is essential to build trust, reputation and to allow us at HQ to maximise the potential of marketing opportunities. For all of the strength of the brand and reputation, ultimately a customer is going to choose you to be part of the biggest day of their lives. If for whatever reason you don’t want your face and name out there then this is not the opportunity for you.


We expect the same high standards of our franchisees as we commit to ourselves, across all aspects of the business. Whether this relates to responding to enquiries in a timely manner, the style of communication we use during customer engagement, going the extra mile to help someone out to the highest possible standard. Unless you can honestly say you are on board with all of this and more, this opportunity is not for you.


Transport is a must. You will need to have a Small Wheel Based Van ideally (Transit/Vivaro) this is not something that you will practically be able to do without.

Legal & Compliance

As part of your franchise application you will be required to answer questions relating to you as an individual. These include your legal status to work in the UK, declaration of any convictions, confirmation that you are not insolvent, and providing professional references to support your application. If you choose to take the startup loan route you will also need to consent to an ID and credit check in line with normal credit application processes.

Franchisee Operational Manual

Full information on the day to day running of your Groove Noise Franchise to help guide you through every part of the business.

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