Financial Projections

It is your choice as to how quickly you build your Groove Noise business. You can see from the figures below that this business scales significantly as your average number of weekly gigs rises.

This is a profitable business with positive cash flow from day one and with Gross Margins of up to 98% and very little in the way of additional costs your Return on Investment is exceptionally quick.

Spencer Hickson,
Groove Noise.

You Earn based on Your Average Gigs per Week...

Groove Noise Financial Report

The example given below is for a franchisee that starts year one with 3 gigs, grows to an average of 3.5 year 2 and year 3 does 4 gigs per week.

The figures below are for illustrative purposes and do not form any contract or guarantee whatsoever but are based on our existing pilot*

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